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    First United Methodist Church

207 E. First St.

Sweeny, TX 77480

  • 10:00 AM Worship
  • 9:00 AM Bible Study
  • ​8:45 AM Prayer Time

Backpack Buddy Program Needs per month:

2800 Veggies

1400 Fruits

Proteins 4200

Snacks 7000

The program is putting out 376/409+ weekly on average. Sweeny alone has 85. 

Four times a year we send double backpacks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring break and the end of the school year. Last school year we put out 12,429.

Join us for worship this Sunday 10:00 AM!

Volunteer Needed!

We are in need of someone to head up Feed My Lambs over the summer. This is a really great program for our church to offer. It isn't a hard job, just in need of someone to organize. If you have questions about what the job involves, you can contact Sheri VanAvery. We are in need of a volunteer soon, or we will not be able to continue this program for the summer.